Modernize Receipts

Your annoying pieces of paper from your pocket to your Phone.

Receet is a digital receipt platform that allows customers to get receipts from the POS system on their smartphones using NFC technology.

for Consumers
for Retailers

Point of Sale Systems

Online Purchases

ATM Transactions

Cash and Credit Card

Banking Transactions

Digital Receipts

Paper receipts, they’re a pain to manage, track and store. Who wants to deal with shoeboxes

full of small papers and the endless, tedious exercise of scanning receipts?

It’s time to modernize receipts for todays digital consumer.

Receet for Consumers

Using Receet consumers can easily find receipts to make a return, file taxes or fill in the expense report by searching for the receipt on their smartphone.

They can also upload their receipt data to accounting software such as Xero and

Go Paperless

View and Categorize

Search and Filter

Receet for Retailers

Retailers will be able add marketing content provided with consumer’s digital receipts that can be tailored to their business needs. They can also setup targeted promotions and push them to consumer’s smartphones. Essentially, this solution allows retailers to personalize receipts for pinpoint targeted marketing. Additionally, using Receet retailers will be protected from return fraud.




Touch Point


Go Green

We love Receet

& we think you gonna love it too. This is why.
Paper Receipts
Accounting Software Integration
Product Recalls
Sort and Filter
Return Fraud Protection
Learn more about Receet features. Receet for Consumers . Receet for Retailers
Go Green
Digital receipts lessen environmental impacts and reduce health risks for workers and customers.
Studies show that if one large company - with around 6 million customers every day - ends its use of paper receipts around 40,000 trees and 52,000 gallons of water will be saved each year.